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Salle de classe de Noël

Fundraising event

At the School Integration Center, Christmas is a time eagerly awaited by our students and the entire school team. It is such a joy to see their eyes sparkle as they open the gifts we give them. Thus, each year we take special care to organize this event. Once again, we will prepare special activities and use all our talents to delight them and bring enchantment to their daily lives. This exceptional moment which will close the year before the holidays must be a festive time and who says festive says gifts, good food, music...! Also, your involvement in these preparations is highly desired and even necessary. We have the ambition to be able to pamper each student with a present chosen specifically for him. With a budget of $4,000, we believe we can achieve our goal and bring the magic of Christmas to our students.

For any other contribution (gift, meal, etc.), you can contact: Jessica at 514-374-8490 ext. 231.

Know that with any financial donation, you will receive a tax receipt.
The whole school team would like to thank you for your participation and generosity and wish you an excellent holiday season.
Deadline: December 16, 2022

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