• Provide financial support to the Centre d'integration scolaire (CIS) to help the CIS fulfill its mission;

  • Enable the CIS to provide high quality services;


  • Defend and promote the interests of  students struggling with behavioral difficulties;


  • Raise awareness of the needs of these students;


  • Improve the quality of services provided to these young people;


  • Support the cause of educational maladjustment in general; 


  • The CIS was founded in 1968


  • 1969- The Center is declared a specialized school to serve students in difficulty by the Quebec Ministry of Education.


  • 1974- The CIS refines its vocation to concentrate on students with behavioral difficulties.


  • 1978- The CIS services become multidisciplinary as a team of professionals comprised of psychologists and social workers join the team of teachers and special educators to work and develop all facets of the students' personality.


  • 1998- The CIS moves into new premises at 6361 6th Avenue in Montreal.


  • 2002 Creation of the Fondation du Centre d'integration scolaire.

Kenia Alvarado
Jean Mathieu
Roxanne Gagnon Houle
Ysabelle Chouinard
Rachel Laferrière
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8844 Rue Notre-Dame, Montréal,          H1L 3M4

Québec, Canada 

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